About Me


Welcome to my new online store! This is Raquel, aka @marionbcn from Instagram!

I am a middle age woman, living in Stockholm, Sweden, together with my husband and our 16 years old female cat, Juno.

I have been into the penpaling world since 1988, when 10 year old me started penpaling with other kids I met during my summer vacation with my parents camping in Palamós, Costa Brava. Back then it was certanly a  challenge to find beautiful Stationery to write my letters on, but I tried my best making my own letter sets already then with whatever I could find, includying wrapping paper, kitchen baking paper, etc.

With the years I got more and more interested in finding new penpals and i looked for people with similar interests as mine in Music Magazines. Also, my English teacher at Elementary School found a penpal international service program and asked if I was interested and that way I found my first international Penpal, Meghan from Pennsylvania.

Later on I got in my hands my first FB's and Slams and started swapping them, that way I found many new penpals, which I am still in touch nowadays.

My relationship with my long term penpals is very close and I am very grateful for each of them, and I consider all my penpals close friends.

My journey to the point where I am right now, quitting my full time receptionist job and trying to make a life designing and selling my Stationery, has been very long, but I am very excited to finally try to make my dream come true.

I like fresh and simple designs the most, and I can tell that  100% of the stuff I offer in my store are items I totally love and use myself. Some of the illustrations you see in my products are illustrated by me ( the very simple ones only, sadly I am not a good drawer), others are illustrated by other artists, and others are copyright free images from some of my Vintage favorite illustrators. 

I want to thank everyone who supports me on Instagram, and also on Patreon, and of course buying my designs,  thank you very much for helping me making my dream come true.

I hope that you like my items as much as I do, thank you for reading!

Much Love,

/Raquel x